I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with this word. If you are at all familiar with the Indian education system, you’d know why. This is basically how we were taught in primary school-

  • The teacher teaches a particular lesson, let’s suppose a poem.
  • She’ll dictate you the answers to all the in-text questions.
  • You’re supposed to memorize them word by word.

If your answer deviates from the one the teacher made you write, brace yourself.

Not much changed during high school except that we wrote answers by ourselves after it was discussed in the class. You still had to memorize, even science, because what the hell is curiosity? Even when we had physics practicals in 11th and 12th grade, nothing changed. We rote learned the results and wrote them down. The teacher didn’t really care if you understood or not.

I never understood the point of memorizing everything by heart, but there was no use talking about this to my overly ambitious Indian parents.

This is a huge flaw in our education system. It is always debated upon but all goes in vain. And when an Indian living in some other nation does something great, the whole nation takes pride for god-knows-what. Like, what have you even done? The person lives in some goddamned another country. Just because he’s an Indian by origin doesn’t specifically mean it’s an achievement for our country when he didn’t even live here LOL.

This may all seem like some angry rambling to you but I’m really sick and tired of this shit. Sick and tired of being told repeatedly that you need to study to pass your exams-> get a degree-> get a job. Sick and tired of the teachers who don’t even try to understand that questions out of the syllabus are also a thing. Sick and tired of being told to memorize.


Daily Prompt: Magnetic

via Daily Prompt: Magnetic

Magnetic it felt, our first interaction

those eyes behind the spectacles

that smile upon giving the correct answer

those good mornings and good nights sent every day

that blush upon being praised

that walk with a little swagger

that concern when I fell ill

that coaxing me to study

that arrogance when I refuse


Every day draws me closer to you,

no matter what,

no matter how far away we are,

What kind of magnetism is this, huh?



I’m back

Let me just start off by saying I’ve been away from WordPress for months. It feels great coming back. My life in these past months has completely turned upside down. 2 months ago, I started college. And it is so shitty.

 I feel like I’m paying for my sins. There are no permanent teachers. Faculties are called from a local Medical College. They teach horribly. The kind that turns your mood off. Some of them simply give handouts and show presentations. Others also simply give handouts and show presentations.

I feel so depressed going to this place 5 days a week. And I’m living in a girls’ hostel (which is way better than college). 6 other girls from college stay here too. I’ve become good friends with them, though I won’t say we have a lot of fun. It’s raining every day. 😦